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Suggestion - Grammar tab

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Firstly, I would like to express my appreciation for this website, I think it's great to encourage learning other languages. That said, I have a suggestion. The current method is in my opinion not great for teaching grammar, such as verb conjugation, sentence structure and other things. I'm not very far in the course yet but from what I have seen, the different verb forms are introduced very fragmented and it appears unstructured. I would like a feature to look at the grammar rules, for instance a separate tab with tables for verb conjugation in present, past, etc. tenses with the exceptions (similar to ĂȘtre, avoir, etc. in French) as well as the rules for structure (position of adjectives etc.) and other grammar elements. Thanks for reading, I hope you take this under consideration! :)


4 years ago



If you go into your vocabulary section and click on the word and scroll to the very bottom you will see both examples of the different forms while you are scrolling and once you reach the end you will see a conjugation table for each tense you have learned.

Grammar rules would be helpful, though, and maybe they might add that in later as well.

4 years ago

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I think this could be a good idea as a future enhancement. I have found that I don't understand at various points why sentences are structured in certain ways, and the word usage that is common in another language. I am trying to find other sources of reference to enable me to study specific instances but it is difficult to do in the middle of a lesson and if I do not search now I can't remember later what it was exactly. I have also noticed that the really weird ones are not repeated very often. Also even if you have the answer wrong you are shown as having practised it although you have no idea of what is correct and why. For that matter in several of these grammar cases I have no idea what I am looking for as to why they say it this way. An example that I might make is - I get up - in French is said - I myself get up - . This applies to lots of prepositions . It took me some time to get this into my head. There are endless examples of sentence structure that drive people crazy and it is vital to understand that part to "get" the language.

4 years ago