"La vegetaranoj vespermanĝas sen viando."

Translation:The vegetarians eat dinner without meat.

September 18, 2015

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I really dont get the difference between "viando" and "bovajxo"... and I am not english native... so meat x beef does not explain much to me.. anyone can help?


Beef is meat from a cow. So bovo is cow, bovaĵo is cow meat. Similarly, koko is a chicken (the bird), and kokaĵo is the meat of a chicken. Viando is meat, taken from ANY animal. So all bovaĵo is viando, but not all viando is bovaĵo (it might also be kokaĵo, or porkaĵo, etc.) Does that help? I know I'm still using the words "beef" and "meat", but I hope it is more clear...


yes, thanks a lot!!!!! ;) I think the problem is that in Brazil people usually say "meat" ("carne", the general word for all the flesh we eat hehe) meaning beef (cow meat)... thank you for answering!

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