"I like a girl."

Translation:Jeg liker en jente.

September 18, 2015



Why is ei jente wrong here?


Actually nevermind


Does 'jente' refer to a girl of any age or does it imply a young girl?


A girl of any age, even a woman - though the latter won't always be appropriate.


Why couldn't I use ei jenta in this situation?


could anyone explain me the difference between "et" and "en"? I don't see the difference in the use of the two forms of a/an. Thank you!


The indefinite article follows the gender of the noun:

en for masculine nouns
**ei for feminine nouns
for neuter nouns

*Feminine nouns may be declined as if they were masculine, so you can opt for en with feminine nouns as well. How common this is depends on the noun in question, degree of formality, and the dialect of the writer/speaker.


So for all the animal we ignore the gender we just put "et", et fugl but for a cow it is ei and en for a bull, am I right? I gave you some jewelries for your kind answer


Thank you! When I talked about the gender of the noun, I was referring to grammatical gender. Animals names come in all three genders.


But en/ei/et is relative to the subject, because in this case "jet liker EN jente should be wrong


No, it agrees with what it modifies, not with the subject. And the masculine can always be used for the feminine in Bokmål.


I am totally confused - I thought it was ei jente because en is for masculine ones - am I missing something?

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