"Nur unu persono iris, nome mia frato."

Translation:Only one person went, namely my brother.

September 18, 2015



I don't get the sense of the sentence... could someone reword this "namely my brother"? He is my brother because he went?

September 18, 2015


No. Only one person went, and to name this person, he is my brother.

More examples:

  • There is only one language-learning app worth using, namely Duolingo.
  • You are getting an answer from a friendly fellow Esperanto learner, namely me.
September 18, 2015


In those sentences I would have said instead "to name one" or "to name it" instead of the idiomatic english expression. Thank you so much for the examples, not being native english speaker those things are hard to grasp.

September 18, 2015


Yeah, this is very idiomatic in English, and in this case - which I find unfortunate - also in Esperanto. I would be much happier if Esperanto had less idioms (which are aptly called idiotismoj in Esperanto!) and more expressions which are easily understandable based on the meanings of their components and not on prior knowledge of Esperanto or of some natural languages.

November 23, 2015


Indeed, being a native English speaker, I immediately understood what "Nome" meant- but I had to come to the discussion because that struck me as rather idiomatic.

February 26, 2018
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