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  5. "Il a trois fils."

"Il a trois fils."

Translation:He has three sons.

January 3, 2013



The audio says filles - daughters, but the answer says fils - sons


I already reported it. Try to do the same please.


The audio at the top of this page says : "Il a trois fils.", and not "filles". It's obvious for a French toddler, even in a noisy environment.

  • Fils [fis]/Fille(s)s [fij] : You have very good pronunciations in French and English (masc. & fem. voices) with short sentences (https://www.larousse.fr/dictionnaires/francais-anglais/fils/33708) and (https://www.larousse.fr/dictionnaires/francais-anglais/fille/33672). The pronunciation sing. and pl. is the same.
  • You have also all the meanings of "fils" like son, boy, descendant, ... and "fille" like 1) [enfant] girl / c'est une belle/gentille fille (she's a good-looking/nice girl) 2) [jeune fille] girl / une fille de la campagne (a country girl) 3) [descendante] daughter / tu es bien la fille de ton père ! (you're just like your father !).

    • Note : Fils [fis] has an "s" in the singular and it is pronunced because it comes from the Latin "filius". The Latin pronounced more the beginning and the end of this word. In the Xe century, it was still writen Filius, but maybe in France, they did pronounce the "iu" less and less. In 1694, it was written "fils". Now, we don't pronounce the "l". Maybe, in a few centuries, it will be written "Fis" without the "l". So, its spelling will be different from "des fils" [fil] (thread, wires).
    • Note : Fil [fil] (thread, wires) comes from the latin "filum".


It's pretty hard to learn, but I hope they don't get rid of the ridiculously overcomplicated French spellings. It feels so sophisticated and makes the fact that you speak even this much of it feel so much more thrilling. I wonder if English learners feel that way.


I have just reported it too!


The pronunciation is correct (07/10/2020).

"Fils", for son, is pronounced like [FEESS] with an [EE] sound then an [S] sound.

Not to be confused with "un fil" (a wire) and "des fils" (wires) who have no final pronounced [S]

The [S] sound is always pronouced for meaning "a son". The prounciation is [FEESS], no [L] sound and a [S] sound.

For the meaning of "wires" you pronouce a [L] sound and no [S] sound [FEEL].

For a girl (une fille) you have an [EE] sound and a [Y] sound at the end [FEE.Y]

And all of them sound the same in singular and plural.


And conveniently, there is no option to report incorrect pronunciation... I'd imagine it's because it's a known problem. I started using the other (not so relevant) options to report, though. It's really annoying and discouraging not to be able to get anywhere because of their bugs. Had I not tested out of two levels, I would've never had more lessons unlocked. It beats me how some people were able to "master" the lessons. It might've happened before the change I read about somewhere or they just memorize and repeat everything wrong just the way it is here in order to achieve that.


For a free program, duolingo is pretty amazing. The pronunciation leaves something to be desired, for sure, and the voice recognition doesn't work for me at all, but they seem to be very responsive when we report errors.


Yes, it's hard to love DL so much and yet be so frustrated at their errors. I think it is because I never know if anyone is listening. Did they correct any particular error? One never knows.


They have actually fixed several things i have reported. It takes awhile though because of the sheer volume of suggestions.


filles is pronounced like fee, not fillll and fils is pronounced like fis or ( fees) here is is saying fill which is neither of the two and completely wrong I will also report it .


Yes neither is correct! Very confusing.


Is it true that the singular and plural form of "son" are pronounced and spelled the same? Un fils et trois fils? (Pronounced like feese)


This was reported five years ago. Why don't you correct it?


It says "fil", not filles and not fils


definitely it says "filles"


It says trois "fil" - neither filles nor fils


Yes, it did. I don't know if the audio was ever fixed, but it did have an audible l sound. That means, that for whatever reason, the voice was trying to talk about three wires. Fil /fil/ = wire, fils /fil/ = wires


Sounds like daughters to me!


"Fils" is mispronounced on the audio. It should be "feese" not "feel"


That's what I thought


I think if enough people report it as an error, DL will fix it.


This is wrong. It definately said "filles".


The word sounds more like fille or filles than fils


Audio is confusing. Don't know whether l is silent in fils


So, the audio of the female voice is not entirely wrong! The female voice pronounces the word "fils" with an audible l. This is technically correct, IF we were talking about wires or filaments. See, the word "fil" in French means "wire," and "fils" is the plural with no change in pronunciation. Which means that it is a homograph for "fils" meaning "son." For the meaning of "son," the word "fils" should be pronounced without the l and with an s. Knowing the context, it should be "fils" for "son," but I guess the program used didn't know the context. So, it's right in a general sense, but wrong for this context.


In response to all the comments about the pronunciation of fils, I'm hearing feese from both the male and female voices, although it is a bit more exaggerated with the male voice. It must have been fixed sometime during the past 6 years.


Unfortunately, it was only fixed sometime during the last year. But, fortunately, it is fixed so there will be less confusion now, at least on that front!


Voice is not recognized at all


so how the hell do i know if its fils as in a son or fils as in sonS


They are 3. Is it singular or plural ?


My can't work so i can't do it


Sounds like filles not fils


When you pronounce filles you can't it translate to sons=fils! It is a clear bug.


How can i know weather he reds filles or fils. It is simply cheeting

  • "How can i know weather ?" : Just listen the weather forecast.
  • Yes, You can know it is "fils" if you listen carefully and if you read the answers in this forum.
  • Do you means "It is simply cheeRing ?".


Fils is son. And filles is daughter


Good to see so many people had the same problem as I did and reported it.

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