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"Sie haben die Bedingungen nicht erfüllt."

Translation:You have not met the requirements.

November 3, 2013



They have not met the requirements works.


"They don't have the conditions fulfilled" is valid as well, right?


I think it should be "They have not fulfilled the conditions/requirements." It's supposed to be perfect tense, so "have + past participle", and you have to negate the auxiliary "have". It is perfect tense (Perfekt) in German. Also "have + object + past participle" has another meaning(, or might not even work).

"I have built this house." is not the same as "I have this house build."

To any English native, wanna jump in and explain the difference, please???


Native English speaker chiming in. You are correct. You have to negate the verb "have", as in "They haven't fulfilled the conditions." "Sie haben die Bedinungen nicht erfüllt."

When you say "don't have" you are negating an object, like when you use "kein" as in "Sie haben keine Bedinungen." "They don't have (any) conditions."


could you use reichen instead of erfuellen


"They have not satisfied the conditions." works too and I am proud on Duo having accepted it!!

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