"What is your favorite transport?"

Translation:Який ваш улюблений транспорт?

September 19, 2015

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When do you use "який" as opposed to "що" to mean "What ..." when you are asking a question? I always get confused about this.


Що is a question word for nouns and який is the question word for adjectives, close to "what kind of" in English, I'd say. У мене є велика машина. — Що? — Машина. — Яка машина? — Велика машина.

Here in this case we don't say "Що є вашим улюбленим транспортом?" because it's very complicated and formal and actually even sounds wrong to me, we say "Який ваш улюблений транспорт?" meaning, what kind of transport, what type of transport is your favorite?



So, I understand, when you say "який", you are essentially asking about its qualities. It will take me a little while to get used to it. I will look for such examples in the future.

So to say "What team is playing?" would be "Яка команда грає?"


Yes, you are absolutely right! Qualities --> який.

What is playing? (whatever that means) - Що грає? - Команда.

What team is playing? - Яка команда грає? - Динамо

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