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"I gatti non mangiano le banane."

Translation:Cats do not eat bananas.

January 3, 2013



How do you know if it's the cats/the bananas or cats/bananas? Or is it purely instinctive?


Instinctive, you know what they mean by context.


Aye yi yi.. haha.. Still isn't as bizarre as english though :)


Here both is possible.

"Cats don´t eat bananas." --> For exemple in a book about cats. "Cats drink milk. Cats eat meat. Cats don´t eat bananas."

"The cats don´t eat the bananas" --> If you mean a Special cat / cats. "This cats don´t eat this bananas."


gatte and gatti are both plurals, right? I guess one is feminine and the other is masculine.


Could this sentence be said without the articles "i" and "le" before the nouns and still be correct? I translated it verbatim as "THE cats do not eat THE bananas"... Although the translation shown above omits "the" entirely... Could it be written/spoken in Italian as "Gatti non mangiano banane" and still translate to "Cats do not eat bananas?"


Yeah, you can say it, but it's unusual.. "Gatti non mangiano banane" sounds like "I speak englis, aug" (like indians in comics(?) Idk °^°)


Le gatte and I gatti, what is the difference? They're both plural. When they ask me to translate sentences such as "They are cats or the cats drink milk" I do not know whether to use le gatte or i gatti


I gatti are male cats, le gatte are female cats. However, I don't know what is italian default for when spreaking of cats of unknown gender. I would guess male, but then in my language its female. Could some italian clarify?


Not an italian myself. But in italian if you're talking of a group. Like a group of kids or cats and there's at least 1 guy in the group or if we don't know the genders in the group italians always use the male plurals. I thought it was kind of misogynistic when our teacher first taught us this. So 1 guy + whocates how many girls= i ragazzi, 3 guys + however many girls= i ragazzi, 0 boys + 2 or more girls= le ragazze Or we just don't care about the gender= i ragazzi. I'm pretty sure im correct. Hope i could help. Not sure im giod at explaining though


why do we write ´´i gati´´ instead of ´´il gati´´?


it's gatti, not gati


"I gati" is the plural way of saying the cats, while in a sense, "il gati" translates to "the singular cats." It's like the difference between el and los in Spanish.


When referring to cats (or any creatures inclusive of gender) in general, is using the masculine form default? From this example, one might infer that the speaker is referring to male cats only. What if you are speaking of ALL cats?

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Yes. In the Romance languages, the default grammatical gender is masculine. A mixed group is masculine. An unknown group is masculine. Only a group that is exclusively feminine gets the feminine.


Why did it told me that i should not write the? (There was le which means the)


You don't need "the" when you're talking about all things under a certain label. If you're saying (all) cats dislike (all) bananas, neither noun should be preceded by "the" for "all" to be implied. "The nouns" implies you have certain nouns in mind in English.


Forse è vero, tuttavia, al mio gatto piace premere i denti sulle banane, per perforare solo la pelle, solo per renderla sgradevole per me. Fa lo stesso con gli avocado.

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