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"He cannot install the program."

Translation:Han kan ikke installere programmet.

September 19, 2015


[deactivated user]

    It's difficult to know when to use "programmet" or "programvaren"!


    a software = en programvare

    a program = et program


    I have to disagree that there is much difference between programs and software (programmer og programvare). If you install it, you can call it either. I guess it's more a reflection of context. I have to fix people's computer problems and give them new ones every now and then as part of my job description, and only when having to order it, I will call it software (programvare). While swearing at the screen I will mostly yell obscene censored program. In English I feel it is more natural to use "software" all the time, but in everyday Norwegian I prefer program.

    I forced my cohabitant to discuss this with me (he knows his IT) and his reflection mostly fit mine. But with one important add on: Software does not come in ones, it's -uncountable- (I checked it now). In Norwegian it is ei/en programvare.

    [deactivated user]
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