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  5. "Я не люблю, коли хмарно."

"Я не люблю, коли хмарно."

Translation:I do not like when it is cloudy.

September 19, 2015



I think this should be 'I do not like it when it is cloudy.' or 'I don't like it when it's cloudy'. Maybe 'I do not like when it is cloudy." is OK in parts of the USA (?) but that's not how it would be said in Australian English.


In North American English, they say "I don't like when..." just as they say "I don't like that...". These forms are never heard in other versions of English. Neither is "wrong": both forms should be accepted. The problem is that the course authors' experience is often limited to one form of English, so they may not be aware of the limited status of the form which they know. It is always a good idea to consult more widely on the accepted answers.


I am now getting all the sentences in Latin script What do I do I have to do to switch it back to Cyrillic.?


Go to the full website, not mobile. There is a "switch" in the upper left of the webpage. When you switch it, the mobile website and app will also be switched.


I just wish that once switch to Cyrillic, it would stay switched. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't.


This is an incorrect English sentence. It's not a matter of a particular dialect, it's just something that a non-native speaker would say


@Anna349203- We all get used to our own form of English. "Take your bike out The back" would not be correct in the US. If I added "the" I would say "Take your bike out To the backyard, which would make it even longer -just using "the" sounds choppy to me :)


There should be no comma!


The rekordngs are very quiet !!!! Thanks


In English you need to say "I do not like it when it is cloudy". This mistake is repeated several times

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