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Spoken sentences on Ukrainian?

I have just started the Ukrainian for English speakers course and one thing that I noticed right away was that not every sentence is spoken in Ukrainian when doing the lessons. This lack of spoken word accompanying the sentences is what frustrated me the most about the Irish lessons.

My question is: Is there speaking with each of the sentences later in the tree, or will more speaking be added when the course graduates from Beta?

September 19, 2015



I did the next two lessons and many of the words were spoken aloud. I am halfway thinking that it was an issue with the iPad now.


Most if not all words are spoken at some point or another. Ukrainian, same as Irish, used real recorded human voice so they only recorded limited number of sentences and words. Any other way would've proven too costly. As far as recording more after coming out of beta I believe that to be highly unlikely, again citing the cost issue. It is what it is, unless there will be newly developed TTS engine for Ukrainian that isn't too terrible...


It does not use tts. The audio is recorded as for Irish as you suspected. But the coverage is somewhat better. At first there were no listening excercises but there are now.

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