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"His pretty wife writes books."

Translation:Den pene kona hans skriver bøker.

September 19, 2015



When adding an adjective to a definite noun (e.g. the wife > the pretty wife), you must start with the definite article (i.e. den/det/de) before the adjective AND THEN the adjective takes the plural form (usually —e), regardless of whether the noun is plural or not. Obviously you keep the definite ending on the noun too (e.g. —en, —et, —a).

a car = en bil

a big car = en stor bil

the car = bilen

the big car = den store bilen (definite article + plural adjective + noun + definite ending)

a house = et hus

a yellow house = et gult hus

the house = huset

the yellow house = det gule huset

So, possessives in the definite form (encouraged by Duo, because they are the "more common form in colloquial Norwegian, and the one you will encounter most often") work in the same way:

a car = en bil

the car = bilen

my car = bilen min

my big car = den store bilen min

(If anyone spots any typos/mistakes in what I've written, please let me know by replying to this comment!)


This was incredibly informative. However, is there a reason as to when they use definite adjectives "the big car", why use plural?


As far as I know, it's just a thing. One of those quirky language rules that seems to make no sense in English – though English has plenty of its own!


You should think of it as the definite and the plural form of the adjective.


This is similar to the format of Dutch adjective forms, correct?


Tusen takk! :)


It didn't accept "Hans pen kone skriver bøker" because it has to be "pene".

Why does there have to be an "e" at the end of "pen" if it's in singular form? Is it because possessive is considered definite in Norwegian?


It is because possessives are considered definite in Norwegian, yes.


take a look at the table marked "the definite form" at https://www.duolingo.com/skill/nb/Adjectives


Why is the 'den' used?


to repeat comment of a year ago: take a look at the table marked "the definite form" at https://www.duolingo.com/skill/nb/Adjectives


does 'hans pene kone skriver bøker' work too? or no

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