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"Ich werde dich nicht darum bitten."

Translation:I will not ask you for that.

November 4, 2013



Why is this "I won't ask you for that" and not "I won't ask you about that"? I feel like I'm missing something obvious but I just can't see what.

[deactivated user]

    Because darum translated into English means for that "reason" or because of that not about that "subject" So the sentence means For that reason (maybe therefore?) I won't ask you. One more example Darum ging ich nicht in der Schule gestern = That's why I didn't go to school yesterday.


    Yet I wrote "I will not ask you because of that," and Duo marked it wrong and said the right answer is "I will not ask you for that." What is up with this?


    it's more like "beg for" than "ask about". Bitte - please, i.e. asking/begging.

    "ask about" would be "fragen über" or even "fragen nach"


    I also wrote: I will not ask you for that reason. That's what the hint is for darum in this question. So, is that wrong?


    Because bitten is translated to to ask for. To ask about something is nach etwas fragen


    If you can remember um bitten and nach fragen, then you'll know that this sentence can't mean "I will not ask you about that," since this would instead have to be Ich werde dich nicht danach fragen.


    Pons Dictionary to the rescue: darumbitten means to ask for it / that.


    Should "I would not ask that of you" be accepted or would that emphasis use a different preposition?


    Duo is also happy with "Ich werde dich nicht warum bitten." - reported.


    Given this translation, what part of speech is "darum"?


    It replaces the preposition and pronoun ("for it/that"). It's called a "da-compound" and you can make them out of many prepositions to make things like "with it/that," "for it/that," etc. This website explains them in detail, if you want to know more: http://www.lsa.umich.edu/german/hmr/Grammatik/Da/Da.html


    Thanks! Very interesting. It's even more interesting that "darum" appears only in passing in the last sentence of the rather long web page. Of course, other da- and wo- compounds are covered.


    I think that might just be because other compounds ("damit," "dafür," "daran," etc.) are more common, at least I know I've seen those more often than some others. I tried thinking of more situations where "darum" would be used, but I can't think of any other verbs that use "um" other than "handeln um." Really, they're all used in pretty much the same ways (replacements, anticipatory) so I think it's okay that a detailed example wasn't given for every single one that exists.


    Does this mean "I would not ask that of you?"


    "Ich werde dich nicht darum bitten." That is why, I will not ask you" was my translation. What are my mistakes?


    "Ich werde dich nicht darum bitten."

    Does this (German sentence) mean "I will not question you about that [subject, situation, whatever]? " or "I will not ask you to give me that [favor, help, repayment, whatever]." ??

    The use of "darum" suggests the former meaning, but in English one would say "ask about that", not "for that." If the latter is meant, then I would have thought "dafuer" would be more appropriate. Can anyone clarify?


    According to the comments in this same thread, it is neither. The correct meaning is "for that reason" or "because of that".


    After all, I could not write down exactly what was being spoken, but I think my German sentence is itself not wrong, is it, although the meaning is different from the original German sample.

    1. Ich werde dich nicht darum bitten.

    2. Ich werde dich darum nicht bitten.

    The question is (1) where to put "nicht", whether in front of "darum" or in fron of "bitten. and (2) what you want to emphasize.


    This advice and learning is working great for me in writing but for the life of me I can't figure out how I'm going to stand next to someone and have a speaking conversation because the word order dissection in my mind would be awful! I'm thinking I might have to have written conversations and claim in hard of hearing.


    Why am I marked incorrect for translating this as, "i will not ask you for that reason."?

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