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  5. "Elli beş tane kuş var."

"Elli beş tane kuş var."

Translation:There are fifty-five birds.

September 19, 2015



Could you explain the usage of "tane". How the meaning of the sentence changes if i leave out "tane"? Thank you!


It doesn't change. It is just a word that can be used after things that you can count and it optional. :) The meaning stays the same.


Very unusual. I speak Ukrainian, German, and Russian and cannot think of anything like this word in those languages.


Notice, all of those languages are Indo-European. Turkish is not. This is very mild compared to Japanese, Chinese and a few other languages where this is required and there are multiple versions. :)


You mean "tane" is a remnant of an older grammar that required it?


It probably is, but I am not sure :) Important to note though is that Turkish is definitely not related to Chinese and probably isn't related to Japanese :)


Yup, learn Japanese or Chinese. Thete are words like tane in Turkish but many more. For books, dogs, papers, bottles etc. have their own words.


I like to be your friend...wow... Ukrainian and German are hard enough...


Why isn't it kuşlar as there are 55 birds


I wrote "there are fifty five birds in total". Would this be an acceptable translation?


Does using "tane" eliminate the need for birds to show plural (kuslar)?


I think not. The plural is forbidden when you use numbers, not like in English. IN Turkish, a sentence like "Iki (tane) kuslar var" is simply wrong. The word "tane" does not change this rule.

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