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"Apparently, Emel deleted that word."

Translation:Anlaşılan o kelimeyi Emel silmiş.

September 19, 2015



Why can't I write "Anlaşılan Emel o kelimeyi silmiş"? Doesn't Turkish word order allow variation in sentence structure?


Actually, it should be an alternate. The currently word order puts the stress on Emel (Apparently, it was EMEL who deleted that word). If you write it your way, the stress would be on "that word" (Apparently it was THAT WORD that Emel delected). This is done entirely by pitch in English and there really isn't a way to tell the difference in written language.


I've noticed that a lot of the phrases in this course using the narrative tense have that OSV word order. Is there any particular grammatical reason why this word order is more common with the narrative tense, or is it just the personal preference of the contributor?


I guessed that "word" is söz


What is wrong with "görünüşe göre" ? You shold add it.


You should use the report button. :) Please prevent cluttering the forums :)


But what if no one is looking at the reports?


In the Turkish to English translation, why can't I say "Apparently Emel removed that word"? Isn't removed a form of deleted?


Why the "Anlaşılan şu kelimeyi Emel silmiş." form does not work? Is it wrong "şu" in this context?

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