Nahuatl Course

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    It sucks that they aren't developing any Mesoamerican indigenous languages courses, like nahuatl or yucatec. I would love to help with the development of one, but I am not a fluent speaker, just an advanced one. Although I could probably fill most of the categories correctly. In fact I'm currently helping developing an introduction course on Memrise. I speak a dialect from Milpa Alta. Anyone else?

    September 19, 2015


    I've heard that they're gonna have a course for one of the Mayan languages, probably one from Guatemala.

    September 19, 2015

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      That would be cool. I studied yucatec mayan for a while, and it has the largest presence online, so it will probably be that one. I couldn't say I would be much contribution to yucatec like I would be Nahuatl.

      September 19, 2015

      I have no idea what Duolingo is planning but I think it is more likely that the K'iche' dialect would be the one they'll use for the upcoming course. Don't forget that the founder of Duolingo is from Guatemala. Also, K'iche' is the largest dialect of Mayan by the number of native speakers.

      September 20, 2015

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        Really? I didn't know the founder of Duolingo was from Guatemala. Well eithier way, i already know a good amount of yucatec, so adding K'iche' to the list will be awesome.

        September 20, 2015

        BTW, it'll most likely be for Spanish speakers instead of English speakers, so you could take Spanish for English speakers on Duolingo to get ready for Yucatec or K'iche' for Spanish speakers. :)

        In the comments on one cluster of comments is about whether it should be for Spanish speakers or English speakers.

        September 21, 2015

        For reals???

        September 19, 2017

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          For example just off the top of my head for lessons 1 in Basics, the Duolingo way:



          Nehuatl-Me or I

          Ahmo-no or not


          Telpocatl-Boy or young man

          Piltontli -Boy (More common)

          September 19, 2015

          I thought "in" created a subordinate clause, and wasn't an article.

          September 19, 2015

          [deactivated user]

            In is definitely an article, meaning the. For example "In tlacameh ihuan cihuameh"=The men and women. It doesn't need to be put in front of everything, but I will probably explain that in memrise. It isn't even that important and some people hardly use it at all.

            September 20, 2015


            If Tlacatl means Man, Tlacameh means Men, and Cihuameh means Women, then Cihuatl means Woman, right?

            September 21, 2015

            [deactivated user]

              Yes! You are already learning plurals from pure context! But there are more plurals and there is a lot more to it (which I'll explain later), but you are already on the right track!

              September 21, 2015


              Really weird bit of the dialect I've been learning. In super formal speech we add -(i)n to the end of a word to make it "the".

              So "tzapulli"=cricket, but "tzapulin"=the cricket. Likewise "an"=the water

              BUT, we also say "in tzapulli/tzapulin" in normal speech. I should also mention that I'm NOT a native speaker. I've been learning for two years from a friend in mexico. The biggest thing about learning Nahuatl is openness and preparedness for all of the variations we have, like how I say "tza" where others might say "cha". Nahuatl still has no formal dialect to call the standard, so there's a lot of weirdness one can learn. :)

              May 16, 2016


              So Telpocatl is closer to Chico and Poltontli is closer to Niño?

              September 21, 2015

              [deactivated user]

                I dont speak a bit of spanish so I had to look up by what you ment as "Chico" and "Niño". And my answer is...Yes! I mean, if I really spoke spanish I could tell you for sure. One of them is not more common or anything, as it depends on the speaker or region. In fact, I think i remember someone asking this question along time ago. And I am sure the answer was that Poltontli is closer to Niño. If that helps any.

                September 21, 2015


                At Raulxanchez talks about how he'd like to see Nahuatl and some other indigenous languages on Duolingo. :)

                At he includes some art he made to suggest for a Nahuatl for Spanish speakers course.

                September 21, 2015


                I think Nahuatl would be interesting to learn. I might teach myself a bit using other resources online although there isn't a lot so it would be great if there was a Duolingo course for it. The words you listed for an example of a basics 1 lesson sound cool.

                September 19, 2015

                [deactivated user]

                  Yes I do agree, Nahuatl sounds very "cool" and I also agree it is hard to find online resources, and even more if you don't speak Spanish. Real life is the best way...but not everyone can and that's Ok, we can still cover some cool stuff.

                  September 20, 2015

                  [deactivated user]

                    In fact there are many Nahuatl speakers, but not all of them can afford computers or are too old.

                    September 20, 2015


                    Yeah. I plan to learn Spanish at some point so that might help. And I'd like to visit Mexico when I'm older so maybe I'll do a course when I'm there :)

                    September 21, 2015


                    I'd love to learn Nahuatl at some point, I found it while researching indigenous languages in Mexico and it, along with Yucatec Maya were the two that interested me most along with Trique, which actually has a small community of speakers in a city near my city. Learning a language indigenous to the Americas is definitely something I'm interested in doing at some point so it would be awesome if you could send a link to the memrise course when you complete it.

                    September 19, 2015

                    [deactivated user]

                      No problem, I'll definitely link it and might make a course here like I've seen some people do with languages. Trique huh? Tell me how that goes, sound cool. Native American languages are awesome. I study yucatec, cherokee, and Nahuatl. I even know a little ancient Mayan glyphs and literature. I highly recommend learning the Mayan ancient glyphs, especially if you like art. I learned from a few documents I still have somewhere on my pc.

                      September 20, 2015


                      and might make a course here like I've seen some people do with languages.

                      That's part of how Hebrew for English speakers got in the Incubator! links to the Hebrew Time lessons posted in the forums before Duolingo added Hebrew for English speakers to the incubator.

                      September 20, 2015

                      [deactivated user]

                        Intresting, thanks for letting me know. I might give it a try, if I have time between school.

                        September 20, 2015

                        [deactivated user]

                          Hey everyone. I just started a nahuatl course and its short first lesson in discussions if anyone is interested. I wish to spread what I know about this beautifull culture and its language. I want to spread the word to those who primarly use Duolingo for language learning/foundation.

                          September 21, 2015


                          I would love that.

                          September 19, 2015

                          [deactivated user]

                            If you would like, once my memrise course is about halfway complete i could link it to you?

                            September 19, 2015


                            That'd be great!

                            September 19, 2015


                            How is your memrise course going?

                            November 25, 2016


                            I think Nahuatl and Quechua would be the most successful languages for Spanish speakers yet. Along with Yucatec Maya and Zapotec

                            June 13, 2016


                            I would love a Nahuatl course, in either English or Spanish! My Spanish isn't that good, but it seems to be good enough for me to muddle through some of the Catalan course, and Spanish - Nahuatl seems like the logical starting point.

                            June 20, 2016


                            I don't speak Nahuatl but I've wanted to learn it and resources are a bit of a challenge. I would totally do the course on duo

                            July 5, 2016


                            Would love to see a Nahuatl course that also made lots of references to Mesoamerican culture, including the ancient Aztec culture, etc. Maybe with bonus skills related to Mesoamerican mythology and folklore?

                            One can dream :(

                            August 6, 2016


                            I would definitely be down for learning Nahuatl, or any other Mesoamerican indigenous language to be honest

                            November 5, 2016


                            As a Mexican, I would love to take a Nahutal course!!

                            January 24, 2017


                            I'd love to see a Nahuatl course for either English or Spanish speakers! :D

                            March 1, 2017


                            I would looooove to have Nahuatl on Duolingo! I'm planning to do some research this summer in Mexico with Nahuatl speakers, and I've been trying to teach myself through online courses, but having a Duolingo course would make things soooo much easier and also help revitalization efforts in general.

                            March 8, 2017


                            I speak Nahuatl because it is a dialect that my parents speak from their hometown in Mexico.

                            March 3, 2018


                            Willing to get in contact about Nahuatl?

                            January 22, 2019


                            Count me in, I'd love to learn it!

                            August 26, 2018


                            I am interested!

                            May 8, 2016


                            i would 100% take and dedicate myself to finishing this tree. My spanish is terrible, but even so i own a copy of a spanish-nahuatl dictionary

                            June 4, 2016


                            Knowing more than ‘tomato’, ‘avocado’, and ‘chocolate’ would be nice.

                            July 4, 2016


                            I don't really get why this got downvoted. those words did come from nahautl. a little different... but still.

                            March 3, 2018


                            I'd love to see this course come to fruition here on DuoLingo. It'd be interesting to learn a Mesoamerican language, and it would certainly add to the linguistic diversity of DuoLingo. I reckon it would most likely be a Nahuatl for Spanish Speakers course, but that's not a problem for me; I already speak Spanish. If I hear news of this language being in the works, I'll definitely be interested in learning! c:

                            July 20, 2016


                            I would love to learn Nahuatl; boyfriend is from Mexico and trying to finish up my Spanish tree at the moment. Please someone if you know the language start to get it in the incubator. Would be an amazing language to learn.

                            October 1, 2016


                            There is a mesoamerican language on duolingo for native spanish speakers. Its guarani but it is an official language in paraguay and there is a lot of native speakers there as there is spanish speakers so that's probably why it got done with sooner

                            July 7, 2017


                            I am interested in learning, where can I find help?

                            November 2, 2017


                            Remember you need to have lots of upvotes on the request before they will consider adding it. About 800-1000 upvotes will go a long way to convincing the admins.

                            June 30, 2018


                            I'd love a classical nahuatl course in Duolingo!

                            October 25, 2018



                            January 22, 2019


                            Please, please, please! My kids are heritage speakers of Nahuatl, and they don't know a word of it! I want to teach them this language so badly, but I need to to know it be able to help them learn it.

                            March 16, 2019


                            As Mexican and of course spanish speaker I think it would be almost an obligation that we learn any of the indigenous languages (at least the one from the region where we live). Sadly that is not part of the education in general. I really admire those who can speak either Nahuatl, Zapotec, Maya, Totonac, etc specially when coming from traditional teaching ways, to know, beyond grammar is the relation with the cultural and natural landscape. I just know a few words in nahuatl and would wish to learn more. I noticed that Guarani for instance is now available for spanish speakers and cherokee is on its way, so why not at least one or two from Mesoamerica?

                            Saludos Gente

                            September 5, 2016


                            Has my vote!

                            October 9, 2016


                            I would love to learn Nahuatl, for it is a beautiful language.

                            December 3, 2016


                            Yes! I would totally love to have nahuatl on duolingo. I'm currently in the process of learning it, and it would be such a help to have it as a course here! :D

                            December 26, 2016


                            This would be awesome

                            March 14, 2017


                            Give us a Nahuatl course please!

                            January 22, 2019


                            That would be interesting, I would gladly try to learn it.

                            April 5, 2019


                            Duolingo needs to make a course in Nahuatl. Preferably a spoken variant such as Huastec, which could help foster the revitalization of this forgotten language in Mexico. This is the most widely spoken indigenous language in Mexico, yet it is endangered. Many young people don't care for it but the few that do find it difficult to search for online material, including myself!

                            April 17, 2019


                            Yes, Nahuatl,thx!

                            June 10, 2019
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