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  5. "Bjørner spiser ender."

"Bjørner spiser ender."

Translation:Bears eat ducks.

September 19, 2015



Wait, shouldn't it be "Ander" since a duck is "and". Why is it "Ender"?


take a look at the table of irregular plurals at the end of https://www.duolingo.com/skill/nb/Plurals


this link is broken. Did the Duoling removed the tables ?


Not exactly, but when they overhauled the courses I think some things got moved. You can find a very limited table if you click the lightbulb icon on the plurals module. Other than that, it's better to head elsewhere for a more definitive list.


Just answering 5 years late...
It's a thing called umlaut, or "omlyd" in Norwegian. The same concept exists in German, and to some extent in English also. If you know German, you would have a very good idea about which words do get umlaut and which ones don't.


Isn't Ander duck and ender ducks?


I guess, bears eat what ever they want while riding bikes and drinking beer.


How could i say "the bears" in Norwegian?


How would you pronounce that


Why do the speakers seem angry when choosing slow speed ? (⊙_☉)


"Ducks" -> ender - sounds like "rener" - which is raindeers. Is there a difference in pronunciation between theese two? Thanks.


Reindeer - rein / reinsdyr. Since the r from spiser will tag along into ender, you just have find the diphtong of reiner to separate it from r-ender. Personally I think the robo-voice needs a lecture on cadence, that sentence comes out exactly like a 1970's robot would say it!

Furthermore; I would say Bjørner spiser rein, using the same form in both indefinite singular and plural (the dictionary does not back me up on that, unless you say Reinsdyr).


I wrote "ear" instead of "eat" and it ruined my whole fkn day... Great


I have done the Definite Plural lesson, and yet I keep saying "the things" instead of just "things"

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