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  5. "Det stemmer ikke!"

"Det stemmer ikke!"

Translation:That is not correct!

September 19, 2015



"Å stemme" is like the German word "stimmen": "Det stemte" "på norsk" has the same meaning as "es stimmt" "på tysk"


Correct as a verb?


Yes. In past tense: Det stemte ikke. You can say it exactly like in English too, Det er ikke riktig. (and also Det er ikke korrekt.)

Å stemme - to be correct (Å stemme - to tune, to vote... so you need a context.)


What about the verb correct as in "I am correcting their mistakes"? Can it be used in that sense or is it only the sense of being correct?


To correct (a mistake) - å rette (en feil) (of Norse origin, remove and address/point out errors and mistakes) or å korrigere (of Latin origin (as is the English "correct"), enhance and adjust). Sometimes interchangeable..

To proofread - å lese korrektur, which is synonymous with å korrigere.

The teacher was correcting essays = Læreren rettet stiler. Which is one instance where using korrigere would sound strange, as the Norwegian (ie Norse origin) word carries all of the pointing out an error and correcting it and -grading-.


Is there a specific reason why someone would use an "adjectivey" verb instead of some form of "to be" and an adjective?....do we have these equivalents in English?....I'm trying to think of some....I got nothin'...


Tusen takk. I especially appreciate that you give the origins.


Bare hyggelig:)

I like giving the origins when there are synonyms (similarities?), as our older Norse vocabulary has way more meanings and uses than "recent" imports (all languages share that characteristic, I think). Makes it easier to explain why words might have synonymous use in certain contexts but not others.


so det stemmer ikke might also mean that something is not in tune? o_O


When an instrument is not in tune, it's "ustemt" (=untuned). If someone were singing or playing out of tune, you could say that they "synger/spiller falskt".


So in what context do you use "stemme" to mean "tune"? (It is listed as one of the definitions in the dictionary.) Would it be more like "tuning up" a car—in the sense that you're fixing/calibrating something?


To correct is more like to repair whereas to be correct= to be right or be fitting


What is the difference between "riktig" and "stemmer" ??


"Riktig" is an adjective, so something can be riktig.

"Å stemme" is a verb, which you can use to translate "to be right/correct". There's no equivalent verb in English, which is why you need to use a verb+adjective combination to translate it.


Why not ... this is not right...(wrong)

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