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"У мене є сестра, але немає брата."

Translation:I have a sister, but I do not have a brother.

September 19, 2015



What is the role of the " є" in this sentence?


A literal translation of "У мене є сестра" could be "By me exists/is sister." I would rather consider "У мене є ..." a set phrase that exactly matches the meaning of the English "I have a ..."


In English we would be more likely to say 'I have a sister but not a brother'


It would looks in ukrainian as: "У мене є сестра а не брат." or "Я маю сестру а не брата." , but not "У мене є сестра, але немає брата." that = "I have a sister, but I do not have a brother."


Thanks everyone for the reports! Sorry that they have been piling up and haven't been checked!

There were more than 30 reports suggesting correct answers :') I'm very grateful, keep up the good work, comment and report!


"I have a sister but have no brother" why it's wrong? is it because skipped 2rd "I"? is using of "I" in this case is being so strict requiremenent?


I have a sister, but there is not a brother .


Я маю сестру, але я не маю брата.

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