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"Siz her akşam nereye gidiyorsunuz?"

Translation:Where are you going every evening?

September 19, 2015



Present continuous is misused here. Mark word is every evening


They is actually a fine. :) It is common to hear constructions like that (at least in the US).


Can you explain me the grammar in this sentence, i don't understand why the word "her" has to be in that part of the sentence, thanks


"Her" means every, so it has to be before aksam so it can say "every evening".


what is the difference between "nereye", "nerede" and "nerele" ?


'Nere' is like the basic form of these two, though I have never seen it used in it's basic form. Nere can take several cases, in which it gets his meaning.

for example:

(y)E - the suffix, that gets a Y after a word ending with a vowel, and an E or an A according to vowel harmony -- direction, 'to' -- ev-e (to home), okul-a (to school)

-DE - this suffix means location, 'in, at', and gets the forms of TE DE TA DA according to vowel and consonant harmony. -- bahce-de (in the garden), okul-da (at school), kitap-ta (in the book) yemek-te (in the food)

-DEn - this suffix means a direction 'from', the ablative, and according to vowelharmony changes into TEN DEN TAN DAN. Okul-dan, ev-den, kitap-tan, yemek-ten.

Examples with 'nere':

Nere-ye gidiyorsun? Where are you going to? - Eve gidiyorum. Im going home.

Nere-de oturuyorsun? Where do you live? - İstanbulda oturuyorum. - I live in İstanbul.

Nere-den geldin? Where did you come from? - Okuldan geldim - I cam from school.

nereli - where from, meaning nationality, the city or town in which someone was born.


Thank you for this very good explanation.


I think it suppose to be.. Where do you go every evening?


I agree. It seems a correct english translation.

Both should be correct, "go" and "going".


It shouldnt be where are you goinf every evening it should be where do you go every evening


In different books on English grammar they speak about using Present Continuous for habits only if they are annoying. With neutral ones they name only Present Simple. Is it true for Turkish?


Why cant I use night for "akşam"?

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