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Multilingual Arabic speakers - could you help?

In this current escalated crisis where there are increased numbers of Arabic speaking people who have found themselves migrating to other lands - you may be able to assist them, if you speak both Arabic and another language - and are prepared to assist in Duolingo creating more resources for language learning courses between Arabic and other languages.

Just this week -
- German for Arabic speakers has gone into the incubator.
I wish that team all the best of speed in their endeavors, and commend both duolingo for making this available at this time, and the amazing team working on this.

I have also noticed that duolingo has opened up new links for the possibilities of the following language trees entering the incubator.
Here are some of the portal links I have noticed becoming available, just this week I believe. So if you know both languages, I would like to encourage you to apply :

And there may be others as well.
If you know Arabic and Esperanto, then I would also like to propose that this could also be a great bridging language to be developed as well. Between Arabic - using Espiranto as the bridge - to many other languages. If you know both Arabic and Esperanto, then apply to the incubator here

If you choose to contribute, and are accepted, then you could be making a difference to people's lives, their ability to be able to live.

(edited: ...) I would like to point out to you this. The decision for a language to go into the incubator is at the discretion / choice of Duolingo. There will be aspects to this choice that we as ordinary users will not be aware of. We need to respect, and show respect to Duoloingo, for the choices they make. We need to be respectful for the language learning they provide to us for free.
(finished editing.)

However - if you can assist - this could mean more than the fun of helping others learn another language - it can save lives, and change lives. And if you can - it is worth the challenge of your application, and I trust also your patience - and trust - in the process. For resources will be limited - and it may all take time.

I hope we all continue to choose to live to the potential of ourselves, and for the benefit of us - as a community. Also note - I am an ordinary user and am not aware of the real processes that are occurring inside duolingo. If I can assist anyone - please do not hesitate to contact me via this discussion, or directly on my activity thread. With the use of the internet - I seem to be able to understand many languages, so feel free to talk to me also using Arabic.

I am making a guess here, but felt it was a worthwhile guess to discuss. Wishing us all happiness as we learn languages, your friend, roo

ps - if anyone could help me translate the gist of this post into arabic, I would be grateful. :D

September 20, 2015

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thank you very much ..

i am honored to translate your discuss for Arabic

في هذه الازمة الحالية, تصاعدت حالت العرب المهاجرين حيث هناك تزايد في عدد العرب الذين هاجرو [رحلو] الى بلدان اخرى .

قد تكون قادراً على مساعدتهم اذا كنت تتحدث اللغة العربية ولغة اخرى, ونحن على أستعداد للمساعده في دولينجو لإنشاء المزيد من الموارد لدورات تعليم بين اللغة العربيه وغيرها من اللغات.

وربما يكون هناك المزيد أيضا.

إذا كنت تعرف اللغة العربية والاسبرانتو، أود أن اقترح ان يكون هذا ممكناً ايضاً .

فـالاسبرانتو لغة كجسر إلى العديد من اللغات الاخرى.

إذا كنت تعرف اللغتين العربيه و الاسبرتو انتقل الى تطبيق الحضانة هنا

اذا اخترت المساهمه, ستتسائل هل يمكن ان يكون هناك فرق في حياة الناس وقدراتهم وان يكونو قادرين على العيش .

Please though also know - that the decision to when to proceed - will be at the discretion of duolingo, and there will be aspects that we ordinary users will not know of - which may hold up the progression of a language into the incubator.[I don't know translate this]

ومع ذلك, إذا كنت تستطيع المساعدة فـ هذا قد يعني أكثر من متعة في مساعدة الآخرين على تعلم لغة أخرى, فإنه يمكن إنقاذ الأرواح, وتغيير حياتهم, إذا كنت تستطيع فمن الجدير أن تبدأ تطبيقك, وأنا على ثقة في صبرك - والأمانة - في هذه العملية, و بالنسبة للموارد فإنها محدودة, وقد يستغرق وقت طويلاً..

آمل أن نواصل جميعا في اختيار العيش الافضل لأنفسنا، ولمصلحة منا كمجتمع.

لو تلاحظ أنا مستخدمه عاديه ولست على علم بالاجرائات الحقيقية التي تحدث داخل دولينجو .

إذا كان يمكنك أن تساعد أي شخص, لا تتردد بالاتصال بي عبر هذا النقاش، احاول أن كون قادرة على فهم العديد من اللغات، لذلك لا تتردد في التحدث معي أيضا باستخدام اللغة العربية.

أنا أعمل تخمين هنا، ولكن شعرت أنه كان تخميناً مجدي للمناقشة. متمنية لنا السعادة بينما نتعلم اللغات، صديقتكم، رو


“بالتوفيق. عربون تقدير صغير بلدي، وهنا عدد قليل من lingots.


Do you talk Arabic ?


شكراً لك :)

سأعمل على نصيحتك وسأتعلم الاسبرانتو قريباً عندما اتقن الانجليزية ^_^..


لقد تحرير الفقرة التي كان من الصعب ترجمتها.
لم يكن فقرة هامة. I إدراجه، كما يشكون في المحافل الانجليزية بعض الناس عن Duolingo. أريد لتشجيع الناس على التركيز على الامور الايجابية. على الناس أن تركز على جعل الأمور أفضل، بدلا من ذلك.


Please, if there are any Arabic speakers who are also fluent in French, and are prepared to help, contact me, so I can talk with you :D


I can help in Arabic for English speaker :)


Please, put your application in here Click on this link (ie the light gray word here ) , and it will take you to an application form. If you have any queries, Please feel free to ask me. Your application will need to be written in both English and Arabic.


I had sent an application for (Arabic for engliSh speaker, how I can know if I am one of the contributor?


You need to wait until a need opens up in the existing programs. In the meantime, if you positively contribute to the culture and learning of the environment here, and help other learners, it is also advantageous - to showing your willingness and ability to contribute to language learning, and your commitment to do so on regular basis. You can also help by providing great resources for now and the future for learners, by posting interesting and engaging language related discussion posts in the relevant forums, if you are interested.

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