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Why are you learning Norwegian?

Hey all!

I would like to know the reasons you learn Norwegian and maybe find a new motivation for it.

Personally, I decided to learn Norwegian because I want to travel to Norway some day, plus I wanted to learn a fairly easy language which would be close to english and german (which I already speak). In addition, I've read somewhere that learning Norwegian is a good first step towards learning the other scandinavian languages, like Swedish and Danish.

So, what about you?

September 20, 2015



my reasons are: I love languages, I am really bored since I dropped out of university, Norwegian is quite easy to learn, on my bucket list it says "learn (at least) 1 new foreign language" but the original reason why I chose Norwegian in the first place was Ylvis :D


Haha I see. Good luck! :D




I'm learning Norwegian because I want to learn it so much . That's all . Norwegian is so cool just like other languages in the world :) Another reason is Norway from Hetalia (anime XD) XD But main cause is that I want to learn it :D


haha so as simple as that :)


Well to sum it up,
- Norway | Time-Lapse - it's pretty much impossible to watch this and not want to go to Norway
- 25 Reasons Norway is the Greatest Place on Earth
- Ylvis
Basically I love Norway and Norwegian. ・ᴗ・ Plus, like you said, it is a relatively easy language.


Yeah, I don't have much more to add for myself. XD Norway is just amazing. I don't have a long explanation for it (not one that would make sense anyways), since love is often irrational. But it's okay, this irrationality is a beneficial one, it's motivating me to learn new things!


Well... hard to answer :) I have been interested in Northern Europe for many years (maybe because I hate high summer temperatures :D) and initially I wanted just refresh my fading Finnish skills when I noticed there is no such course yet.

I took a little Swedish before and despite it being quite easy for me as English and (poor) German speaker, there was something about it that stopped me from refreshing it as well. I guess it was the pronounciation which felt quite different from what's written. Or I read too much Finnish jokes about Swedes :)

So I picked another Nordic language, knowing that some (really basic) Swedish will help and confuse me in the beginnings.

I also like to start a new language, compare it with the ones I am familiar with (and then being too lazy to continue learning it) and these comparisions are always very fascinating.

And actually I like how it contains words really close to English (liker, hater, iskrem...), German (hund, viktig, farlig...) and, due its closenes to Swedish, how the Finnish was influenced by Swedish as there are some really similar words as well (seng - sänky as one of the examples).

TL;DR: General interest in Nordic languages and the fascination in comparing the languages I am at least a little familiar with.


I see. I also love how similar the languages are. :D

So, out of curiosity, did your Swedish language background help you in the end? Did you (or do you still) mix them up? I am thinking of starting swedish when I finish norwegian - ok, that's a very long term plan :P


well.. my Swedish background was very weak as I had been learning it only shortly and long time ago... (I am still able to understand some sentences, however it is also because of the similarities in vocabulary with English and German) but at the beginning I could not stop typing och instead of og and similar small issues (usually using a in the words where it is e in the Norwegian, such as jeg or kvinne)

But it definitelly helped as I was a bit familiar with things like the definite article in the form of suffix and such things one needs time get used to. As well as it helped me to understand the sentences in the first lessons because there were only few words I was totally unfamiliar with. As I said, some spelling differences, but easy to remember.

Also I find it interesting how English, German and many other languages have three grammatical genders, then there is Norwegian with two and half (given that the feminine can be replaced with the masculine), then Swedish with two and then Finnish with only one as if there were some west-east decrease of them :) (which is probably linguistically wrong assumption on too many levels but still)

Edit: In the long plan I was thinking about picking up another germanic languages as well, but I worry that even when the understanding would be easier each time I learn something new, the speaking/writing would get harder each time as I would mixing them up :D


I will definetely check them out. Good luck learning Norwegian. :D


Is anyone learning because of Skam?


Several reasons.

  1. I really like to teach myself stuff, just to see if I can do it. The sense of accomplishment when it works is fantastic. I usually include the requirement that I spend very little money at it, or at least approximately earn back whatever it costs for the projects that require supplies.

  2. I work with some people who are in Norway, and occasionally get forwarded email that has Norwegian, Swedish and Danish in it.

  3. My kids were starting Spanish, and I wondered what the best way to learn a foreign language was. What better way to explore this than to experiment on myself?

1+2+3 lead to me deciding to start learning Norwegian 2 years ago. It has been enormous fun. My second trip to Norway is in just a month from now!


I see. Indeed, this feeling of accomplishment is amazing, but I believe it goes away so quickly that I have to have other kind of motivation, too :/ That's true, I also wanted to experiment with another language, and I think Norwegian is maybe the best choice for that!


I know a tiny bit of Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin. But I don't think doulingo offers those courses yet. I'd love to learn Icelandic if they ever offer that.

But I think I love Norwegian the best. It just sounds awesome and is fun to learn. I'm part Norwegian and I love Norway though I've never been there. The landscape is pretty and they have fun mythological creatures like Trolls. It just seems like a magical place.

I'm also part Finnish, but where I live is very much like Finland with lots of Finnish culture and people and landscape. I just feel like I've had enough of Finland and want to try something different.

I used to think French sounded beautiful, but now I don't like it. Spanish is just okay. German sounds very harsh to me. Also I can never find any good French or German shows or movies that I like. Spain has some good stuff though.

Anyway all those reasons are why I picked Norwegian.


Yeah, Norway must be an amazing country. I would also like to learn Finnish some day but I've heard that it's too hard :P

And indeed, german sound a bit harsh, but after one learns the language, one can see the beauty in it ;)


I've been always interested in germanic culture and languages, specially those from the north. I liked black and viking metal and I decided I'd like to learn one of the scandinavian languages, but after I watched the documentary "Until the light takes us" I decided I'd start with Norwegian. Then I realised it could be helpful too if I'd like to move there to work (I'm looking for an internship in Norway right now). So I think that's it, I've been learning the language for around two-three years, but I started studying very hard this summer, specially after they released the course here in Duolingo :D


I see, good luck! :D (I have to check out this documentary ;) )


Because I want to read Old Norse literature and Duolingo has no Icelandic course :)


Why do so many people want to learn Icelandic? :P


Dunno, but in my particular case there are four main reasons: The Eddas, the Sagas, skaldic poetry, and Skálmöld.


A long time love of the country, culture and everything else Norwegian was my motivation - as well as the fact that we were taking a trip to Oslo and I wanted to at least be able to understand some things. What began as a little adventure in trying to be a polite tourist turned into a huge love of the language and I decided that I would like to continue learning and hopefully some day be able to truly speak Norwegian as my second language... language has always been something that I have enjoyed, but this is the only language that has ever "stuck" for me and felt like one that I wanted to go further with. It also helps that I enjoy a great number of Norwegian TV shows, so that does provide me with both motivation and another way to practice what skills I learn. I know, not a terribly interesting story, but that is my story :)


Good, so it's just pure love for the language, that's great. Good luck :D


I accepted a job offer and now I am preparing to relocate to Oslo. Although I've been told that locals speak English very well, I understand that to truly integrate into society one needs to know the language. So, the earlier I start learning - the better.

Learning at duolingo has been a pleasure. I know Russian, English, and a bit of German, and I find Norwegian logical and simple. That's a relief and it gives me hope that I'll be able to maintain simple conversations in Norwegian when I arrive to the country in a month or two. For now I can't understand much when I listen to podcasts, but the more I listen the more I understand.

Similarities between languages are surprising, even more when the languages are of completely different families. I am amazed to find some common things between Russian and Norwegian. Not only some words sound close, but the grammar can also be alike. For example, possessive pronouns are conjugated in a similar way in Russian, and there are equivalent pronouns for sin/si/sitt/sine.

Getting familiar with a new language helps better understand the languages you already know, to look at them from different perspective.


Ooh, fascinating. Mind if I ask what kind of work you are doing? (From a fellow job seeker :) )


Sure. I am an IT Business Analyst. Did not consider Norway, but when this opportunity appeared, I thought: why not? Such offers are not very common, since they need someone who can facilitate communication between Russian-speaking software developers and customers in Norway. I tried to find similar vacancies in other companies in Norway, but they all require proficiency in one of the Scandinavian languages. So I definitely need to know Norwegian in the long run.


That's really interesting! Indeed, these similarities make you assess a language you already know quite differently. Good luck! :D


YLVIS of course. duuuhhh


To understand my norwegian black metal plus it reinforces my swedish.


haha I see. I also hope that it will help with swedish right after I finish the tree :)


I have studied French, Russian, and Spanish in the past, and recently found Duolingo. I just wanted to pick up a language that I had no previous experience with, and thought Norwegian sounded fun and interesting. I mean, why not pick up a Scandinavian language? :) I just love learning new things and I am having a lot of fun while challenging myself.


Yeah, Scandinavian languages are great :)


I chose to learn Norwegian because I heard it was quite easy and I have always wanted to visit Norway. I am interested in learning the Scandinavian languages and found out that if you learn Norwegian it will be easier to learn the others.


That was exactly my thought as well :)


My heritage is Norwegian/Finnish/Swedish and I've always had an interest in visiting where my ancestors came from before coming to the US. I read that Norwegian is easiest to learn of the three, so I picked it first :).


great, I hope you learn all three of them! :D


Like you mentioned, it's actually been demonstrated that Norwegian speakers have the greatest understanding of the other continental Scandinavian languages: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Germanic_languages#Mutual_intelligibility

Also, I think Norway has done amazing things with its social system. I've always been curious about the experience of living in that kind of society - neither Bulgaria nor the US come close, and those are the only places I've lived.


I've always thought that US has a great kiind of society too, but since you live there, you know better :P


Well, the US has no universal healthcare, an employer is not legally required to offer vacation or maternity leave, etc. A good employer will give you all these things, sure, but the state doesn't guarantee them and millions of people don't have them.


I am learning Norwegian because I remember hearing my mom, aunts and uncles great one another in Norwegian and say a few other Norwegian words to one another. I have always wanted to give it a try since I had some early exposure to the language. With it being available on Duolingo, it provided the perfect opportunity!


Indeed, I wish that you learn perferct norwegian to surpass your relatives ;)


A fourth of my heritage is Norwegian and it is well documented, so I would love to eventually go to Norway and see where some of my ancestors lived. I also knew that it wasn't too difficult for English speakers and it's always fun to notice a similarity to other Germanic languages in the vocabulary.


True, I also like it a lot to spot the similarities :)


My husband has many second cousins in Norway. Some of them have visited us and we have visited them. Most of them speak English well, but their Facebook posts are in Norwegian, of course. I don't want to miss out! In addition, I would like to read Norwegian as I pursue the family history.


So you have many original norwegian people to practise your target language, you're so lucky! :P Good luck! :D


Total necessity! I met a Norwegian while abroad and two years later we are engaged and I have moved to Norway! It is a beautiful country. The people are lovely and there is a lot of concern for the environment, protection for the less fortunate, and love of poetry and art. I am fascinated by the different dialects from different parts of the country. I hope to learn it well enough to continue my studies here and also give a speech for my fiancé and his family on our wedding day.

If you have wanted to visit Norway, do come! You will find lots of things to do outdoors and very friendly people.


I have been using Duolingo to jump start my Spanish education (of which there is none) however today I realised that a Norwegian tree is available! I am lucky enough to spend a lot of time working in Norway so what better opportunity to learn a language and put it to use.


That's great! Good luck! :D


My husband's family is Norwegian. He grew up in the US but Norwegian was his first language. Now his family speaks only English but I wish they would speak Norwegian so my son and I could learn it. I am hoping we can spend a year or two in Norway at some point. have tried the tapes but this is more engaging, more interactive. I like the back and forth between written, listening, and speaking that Duolingo provides.


Nice, good luck :D


I learn because I started the studies in school, but never finished them off. So I'm refreshing, that when I start my Masters' I can go into exchange to Norway without difficulties.


That's great, good luck! :D


I've had an interest in Norway since the mid-80's when on my MTV was this little trio called A-ha (I know, total 80's geek). In high school, I used to have a pen pal in Norway and she'd send me pictures of her country. One of these days I want to visit there and while I've been told by many who've already visited that 75% of the people there speak English, I want to be able to communicate with those who don't plus be able to read directions and menus!


I was born in the 90s actually so I don't really know this group :P So, you still have that penfriend? That's so cool! I used to have two penpals, too, but they actually disappeared after a couple of letters :/ Good luck learning norwegian! :D


A-Ha had one of the greatest music videos of all time for the song Take On Me... That's the only song of theirs that I ever knew.


Unfortunately I haven't written to her in ages. :( But I still have the postcards she sent of her hometown and other places like Oslo and Nordkapp.


I'm just another girl doing it for love. My boyfriend is Norwegian and I want to be able to talk his language and to understand his grandparents. And also the whole family wouldn't need to speak English when I visit them.


That's an amazing reason. Good luck! :D


I used to learn Norwegian a bit last year, and surprisingly it has lots of similarities with English like the words and the word order. I also could see the similarities with other Germanic languages like Danish and Swedish especially. Not to mention the beautiful sounds of Norwegian also intriguing. I also love the country, it looks cold but still amazing how it still remain beautiful and breathtaking, I love that kind of country actually. But because lack of resources, I actually stopped learning it and try to learn Spanish, another language that I love. Now, that Duolingo already has Norwegian courses I think maybe I should try to learn it back :)


Do it-from the little I ve learned, norwegian seems an easy language so it will be fun to refresh it. I also agree with you about the cold beauty of the country, I really want to visit it soon. Good luck! :D


My reason is simple: I have an interest in the Germanic languages :)


Great choice of a language family. The Germanic language family is my favorite one. Germanic languages sound the best to me and I prefer how they look orthographically compared to many of the other languages that use the Latin script. If I had all the time in the world, I'd learn all the major Germanic languages and Gothic too so that I would know at least one language from each branch.


I want to move to Norway, I like vikings.


My girlfriend and I use this language as a secret communication way to talk to each other!


Im getting married to one :D


Mostly, min kjæreste :). But I'm also going there next summer as well as GB, France, Germany and the Netherlands. I'm learning German as well right now. Actually that's what I started with, then Norwegian became available on mobile so I've shifted gears.


I really like Ylvis and raske menn (2 groups of comedians) and since it always takes so long before the english subs are added on youtube, I would like to learn it myself :D and I also kind of have fallen in love with norway, and I want to visit it at least once in my life


I am more into Swedish, but what really gets me is Norwegian culture and landscape. Scandinavia has such an amazing history and culture, in my opinion cooler than most of Europe (except the gross white suppremacists that live there). I want to visit Iceland, Faroe Islands, Norway, and Sweden, and I'm a firm believer that if you travel there, you need to make an effort to learn the language and manners out of respect.


I am learning Norwegian because I plan on moving there someday and maybe even seeing a fjord, I've seen pictures and they are just amazingly beautiful, and I urge you to look at some pictures if you don't live in Norway!


I read a book set there when i was 13 and did some research on it for a school project and fell in love with it! I wanted to visit sooo bad and wanted learn the language so I didn't look like a silly tourist. Then I kinda forgot about it after a month and didn't really get back into learning the language till recently when I started to seriously look into moving there after college!

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