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  5. "Vi tamen estis kreema!"

"Vi tamen estis kreema!"

Translation:You were, however, creative!

September 20, 2015



Would the emphasis shift with the word order of tamen in this sentence, like however would in English?

You were, however, creative! (i.e. Your answer was wrong, but you were creative!) =? Vi estis tamen kreema! You, however, were creative! (i.e. He was unoriginal, but you were creative!) =? Vi tamen estis kreema!


Yes, it would, but you have to put before the part you want to emphasise.

Tamen vi estis kreema.


What part of speech is "tamen"? Does anyone know what language it is from?

I often find myself wondering such things. Can someone recommend a good Esperanto dictionary that includes the derivation of words?


It's an adverb, directly taken from Latin.

Source: https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/tamen#Esperanto


I referred to that source, but I am still confused. If it is an adverb, why the -n ending? There is no motion involved. Is it maybe because it is also a conjunction?


Try Wikidictionary


Sed, verda ne estas kreema koloro

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