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"De jobber en bondegård i Storbritannia."

Translation:They are working on a farm in Great Britain.

September 20, 2015



Whats the difference between bondegård and gård ? thanks !


It's very common to use just "gård" to refer to a "bondegård", so when referring to a traditional farm they're synonymous.

However, "gård" is a word with a wide variety of definitions, and can be used to refer to a yard of any size, and even to some types of apartment buildings. "Gård" is also used in a myriad of compounds, for example "vingård" translates to "vineyard" and "kirkegård" to "churchyard".


Fantastisk ! Tussen takk ! you're so helpful ! (Du er altid hjelfull) I tried :P


Bare hyggelig! Og takk. :)

"Du er (alltid) så hjelpsom!" is how I'd phrase it, but you had the right idea.

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