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  5. "Dyr spiser jordbær."

"Dyr spiser jordbær."

Translation:Animals eat strawberries.

September 20, 2015



How come that "Animal is eating strawberries" - is wrong here? English is not my native language.


animal would need an article in front of it to make sense in English: an animal or the animal, but that would be et dyr or dyret in Norwegian, so we are left with the plural: animals


@Ttemmie - Kameron: It is a possible translation. "eat", "are eating" and "do eat" can all be used, but "do eat" is the least used. It is never used when simply making a statement; only when contradicting. Someone would have to have claimed that animals don't eat strawberries and your sentence would be the response. (sorry - my phone app allows me to add new comments but not to reply directly)


how do we know which word doesn't have a plural form ? is there a rule, or do we just have to learn them all ?


There is no such rule :( The only possible way is to remember the list of nouns, which in plural indefinite form: 1. Are the same as single (brev, barn, sauer, dyr, jordbær, etc.) 2. Are changing irregularly, not just adding -er (bok-bøker, mor-mødre, mann-menn)


What is the difference between eat and eating are both known as spiser


Could you ask again? I'm afraid I didn't understand what you wanted to know.


"she will eat the food" and "she is eating the food" in both these sentence will you use spiser in place of eat / eating or is there another word


She eats = She is eating

There are small differences to do with continuous action, habitual action or single action. However, in English, these are both the present tense.

Most languages apart from English just have one present tense (or one mainly used present tense).

"She eats" and "she is eating" are both "hun spiser".

"She will eat the food" is the future: "hun skal spise". Notice the difference between "spiser" (present) and "spise" (infinitive used as part of the future).

I hope that helps. Do ask again if it's not clear.


I swear the regular speed audio says dyrET not dyr. The slower audio does.

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