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  5. "Comment est-ce qu'il dure ?"


"Comment est-ce qu'il dure ?"

January 4, 2013



Why is "how long does it last?" wrong?


"How long" is a question of quantity, for which "combien" must be used. E.g. "Combien de temps dure-t-il?"


"how long" in not a question of quantity, "how much/many" is a question of quantity. why can't "how long does it take" be correct? and btw, this transaltion makes no sense at all.


"How long" is a question of quantity in the sentence "How long does it take?" - quantity of time.

The "how" in the English translation (and to my understanding the "comment" in the French) means "by what means", "through what method". I could give salacious examples for the context of "How does he last?" but instead I'll suggest the following:

  • How does he last the whole day without eating lunch?
  • How does he last all week without seeing his wife?
  • How does he last a marathon? He never seems to train!


comment est-ce qu'ils durent should be good too


agree with comment below


the way dure is spoken is quite cut off, thus singular, as opp to doorrrr (with a prolonged guttural french style R) which indicates plural, so to my ears it's certainly singular.
I would say that I would say IT rather than HE in normal circs, unless its some sort of query about sexual stamina!

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