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  5. "Él te lee un menú."

"Él te lee un menú."

Translation:He reads you a menu.

January 4, 2013



How do not understand how "el te lee" translates to "he reads you" I get "lee" means reads but where does "te" come from? I'm baffled. How would you say "you read him"?


‘te’ means “to you”. ‘le’ means “to {you [formal singular] |him|her”. “You [informal singular] read him a menu.” would be ‘Tú le lees un menú (a él).’


English word order = "He reads you a menu" or "He reads a menu to you" (same meanings)

Spanish word order = "He (to) you reads a menu" ("to" is understood but not written) so "He you reads a menu" is the Spanish word order. ("Él te lee un menú")

"You read him a menu" = "Usted lo lee un menú" or "Tú lo lees un menú" (I'm not sure when to use "lo" or "le" for the indirect pronoun but I think it might have to do with pronunciation. Just as you have to use "e" instead of "y" before words beginning with certain letters, it might be the same with "le" and "lo." )


No Linda, "you read him a menu"="usted le lee a el (with accent on "e") un menu (w/ accent)". "lo" is the direct object pronoun and would refer to the menu, where as "le" is the indirect object pronoun and refers to him


No matter how many times I listen I cannot hear the 'm' being pronounced in 'menu'


me neither! I had to listen to the slow version to get it ;)


It's amusing that so many people who supposedly wish to learn Spanish actually get annoyed because it's not English enough


"He reads you a menu" is wrong?


I don't understand why "He reads a menu to you" isn't correct...


I agree, Lydia515.


Seems like English is not so picky about a /the in translation. 'A' menu suggests any, but if you have a menu to read, it is 'the' menu from the restaurant you are in....


Muy rapido y poco claro el audio


I got this question four times in one lesson


Why is "He is reading you the menu" wrong?


Now I see why. A menu.


I have the same question!


It says "un menú" not "el menú". I saw that after I asked the qué.


What a dumb sentence but I guess I can see a WEIRD scenario where it could come up. More NORMAL sentence would be "He reads you the menu." like if you can't see well or something.


I don't have a problem with this one, but sometimes I get the bleep to say I am right before I even finishing speaking.

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