"Denne er din."

Translation:This is yours.

September 20, 2015



I wrote "den er din" and got it wrong. It was the "type what you hear" exercise...at normal speed there was no way to hear the difference between "denne er din" and "den er din"...should I report stuff like this? In the French course, it happens as well (e.g. "au champ" vs. "aux champs"). I have been reporting it when it happens there, but nothing ever changes...

October 10, 2016


There's a light difference in the pronunciation between "den" and "denne", while there is none between "au champ" and "aux champs"...

April 6, 2017


Yes, I know there is a difference when the words are spoken in isolation or slowly in a phrase, but I assure you, in the "type what you hear" exercise at normal speed, there was no difference (probably because the following word- "er"- begins with the same vowel that "denne" ends with...this was 5 months ago, so maybe it has changed...

April 6, 2017


Am I correct in assuming that denne is used for masculine nouns, and dette for neutral? And also that 'Denne er din' and 'Dette er ditt' can both be used and mean the same?

September 20, 2015

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'denne' is used for masculine and feminine words, while 'dette' is used for neuter and abstract things.

"denne er din" and "dette er ditt" both translate to "this is yours", but 'dette' and 'denne' would refer to different things.

September 21, 2015


The pronunciation on this one is quite bad.

September 15, 2017


I wrote "That is yours". Why is it wrong ? What the difference between "That" and "This" ?

July 22, 2018
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