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What regional accent does the Duolingo Bokmål speaker have?

The reason I ask is I just began listening to the audio for the book Norsk, Norge, og Nordmenn and the accent sounds distinctly different to me.

September 20, 2015



The Duolingo voice is called "Standard Østnorsk" (Standard Eastern Norwegian).


You've already got your answer, but if you're looking for anything more in-depth, I'd recommend giving this thread a read.

I also cannot stress enough that if you want to be able to carry conversations with Norwegian people, then exposing yourself to several dialects is the way to go. You should probably pick a single dialect to imitate, but it's still a big plus to be familiar with the rest. :)


Could not agree more! On one tv program that I sort of watched multiple seasons in a row of :D :D :D I had a real hard time with one of the people's dialect the first time through, however, over time, it started to sound much more clear to me and I actually think that being able to hear that one better helped me with others.


The accents are generally mildly strong with sort of a bouncing rhythm to the words, which almost run together and form weird syllables.


Are you enjoying the audio tracks for that book? And do you also have the actual book? I ask because this is also one of my study tools and have never known anyone else who also uses it :) I hope you are enjoying your studies! Lykke til!


Yes, I have the book. It is very reasonably priced as an e-book from the publisher website. I have only begun using it. So far I quite like it, even though it is highly structured and less fun than Duolingo. I appreciate that they use Norwegian rather than English wherever possible. It looks like it will provide tons of practice for reading and writing, as well as some more detail on grammar.


The grammar topics in the back of the book were one of my favorite things about it - so helpful! I am glad that you like the book, and I agree that the instruction being mostly in Norwegian is a plus :)

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