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"Ben rakı içmeyi sevmem, genelde şarap içerim."

Translation:I do not like to drink raki, I usually drink wine.

September 21, 2015



Is raki a Turkish heavy liquor?


It is a Turkish spirit made with anise seed and grapes :)


Another way to express that you generally perfer wine over rakı would be to actually use the word "prefer".

"Ben rakı içmeyi sevmem, şarap içmeyi tercih ederim". ("I do not like to drink rakı, I prefer to drink wine").


I find it strange that writing "rakı" in English is marked as incorrect, especially considering "raki" isn't an English word anyways.


It is accepted now :) It is actually sold in the States if you go to the right places and it is marked as "raki" ;)


I clearly need to find these stores! Only have half a bottle left from what I brought from Turkey!


I know where to find it in Boston really easily :)


I find it easier to find Greek ρακί than Turkish rakı, but I also don't know the difference. Just the brands are usually Greek styled.

EDIT: I thought about it and actually ούζο is like rakı, ρακί is also from grapes but it's unflavored. Does the un-spiced drink have a name in Turkish? Also, one of the best things to do with ρακί is to heat it up with honey and make ρακόμελο, is there a Turkish version of this?


Is this a liquid that looks like milk? I have always wondered what that drink is that I always see in the soap operas.


normally it doesnt look like milk. it is just alcohol. if you add some water into it, it looks like milk


Ağzının tadını biliyor.


Do you always say it as 'I do not like to drink raki' instead of just saying 'I do not like the raki'? I mean, what else could you not like in it? The shiny bottle of it? :)


You could always say "I do not like rakı." "Rakıyı sevmem." Both are fine.


In which unit has this grammatical pattern been introduced: "icmeyi sevmem"? Only "icmek sevmem" has been explained so far.


"icmek sevmem" does not exist actually. sevmek always uses -me form


Is this the same drink which is called Aslan suti (Lion's milk)


When mixed with water, Rakı turns from clear to 'cloudy' or 'milky'. Rakı mixed with water is, therefore, called "Aslan sütü“ (Lion's milk).


on a different topic: i did not write in "ben" and my sentence was wrong. Many such instances have occurred throughout this course: not having a subject pronouns is sometimes counted as right and sometimes as wrong. I can see having one in a sentence that contrasts subject but why is it wrong to have on in this sentence. Turkish is a typical "pro-drop" language, no?

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