When will the Norwegian language has bonus skills and translation pages ? I wonder it damn so much .

September 21, 2015


The bonus skills have been done on our end since before the course was launched, so we're just waiting for Duo to work out some technicalities (as far as I've gathered they're working on automating the system for pushing new bonus skills to the lingot store).

It doesn't look like there will be any Immersion/translation page for Norwegian. What we've been told is that it draws a lot of resources, while not giving enough of a return in user engagement.
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I am also missing Immersion/Translation pages for Norwegian/English! DuoLingo should not stay without this tool who is very effective for learning new words!

I couldn't agree more, definitely my favourite feature as a learner. :)

I think the main issue with it is that it doesn't fit into the app format, which is what the majority of Duo users are using. It makes sense to focus on features that benefit the entire user base - even if I wish they'd reconsider in this particular case.

Bare hyggelig! :)

I thought the crowd-sourced translation of uploaded material in Immersion was the Duolingo business model, but it may be that it's more subtle than I had appreciated. Does Duolingo plan to monetise the Norwegian course, and if so how would that work? I realise the second part of that question at least might be business confidential, so I understand if you are not able to be specific.

As course mods we're not directly involved in Duo's business decisions, but as far as I know they've moved on from the plan of monetising Immersion (could be because of legal issues, could be that it just wasn't profitable enough), and are now focusing on language certification as a source of income instead.

Personally I don't see them charging for the courses themselves, as it goes against the idea of free learning, and they rely heavily on the volunteer work of course contributors who believe in that very idea.
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Tusen takk for et utförligt svar! Det er beklagelig, for "Immersion" gir en god anledning til aa läre nye ord, läre litteraturen og folket aa kjenne! Unnskjyld mine "omlyder", jeg har ikke disse bokstavene paa tastaturet. Ha en god dag allesammen!

If you are using Windows you can type special characters using the Alt key. Hold down the Alt key, type the code sequence using the numeric pad, release the alt key. If you are using a laptop without a numeric pad, hold down the alt key, hold down the Fn key, type the code using the keys 7,8,9,U,I,O,J,K,L,M (the corresponding numbers are usually marked on the keys in a different colour), release both keys.

The codes for the extra Norwegian letters are below. You might want to copy these out and tape them to your keyboard.

Æ - 146 æ - 145 Ø - 0216 ø - 0248 Å - 143 å - 134
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Hello Dave! This procedure does not work on my ACER-Laptop (Windows-7), with a numeric code to the left side! It immediately switches back to "DuoLingo-Home"! Only a few ASCII-Symbol-Codes can be used with "alt" + 3 numeric numbers, as for instance the german-ß! My solution for all foreign letters: I recommend the opening of an empty page on Microsoft Word, and then activating the symbols für the corresponding letters. Now I can mark them and press "Copy", and in the duolingo-text press "insert". Greetings from Switzerland and thanks a lot! Elias.

Bare hyggelig, og riktig god helg!

And how about words review?

has => have

damn so much => so damn much


UI question here, sorry if it's not appropriate. I'm getting close to owling for the first time (if that's not a verb it should be) but I'm worried I will lose access to review. Please tell me it's not one time and done.

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