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Adjuncts to Duolingo?

Rather than studying Spanish today, as I should have been, I've been playing around with the Spanish Discussion pages. After looking at lots of queries, it seems to me that, while Duolingo is beyond excellent as a learning tool, many who are beginning would, perhaps, benefit from using Duolingo in conjunction with a good grammar text or in a class with a live teacher. So many comments/queries could be answered quite easily given either of those resources. If cost is an issue - and isn't it always? - libraries often have language texts that can be borrowed.

January 4, 2013



Sorry - you're right. My point wasn't clear. Try again: on the Spanish discussion board, most of the posts are to do with questions about grammar. Few receive replies, leaving the questioners dangling, problems unresolved. No one seems to know, or perhaps can be bothered, to post answers. My point was that, while Duolingo is excellent, it would work better for most of us if used in conjunction with a more traditional form of teaching for adult language learners, ie, a textbook or class.


That sort of defeats the purpose of Duolingo, doesnt it? To learn languages completely free. But you do have a point, which has been raised by others (http://duolingo.com/#/comment/74774). Some more grammar information would be useful sometimes, not to mention helping to clear much of the clutter on the forum about basic grammar. In my opinion, Duolingo should extend the offered grammar information, and also compile it in its own section.


If you are an English-speaking person who wants to learn another language, the best grammar adjunct I EVER found was "English Grammer for Students of ____." You can find used copies at various sites. Even new ones cost less than $20, which is a small investment with a high rate of return! As adults most of us have forgotten (or, worse, never learned) our own grammer, which can be a handicap when trying to learn another language beyond ordering food in a restaurant or asking what time it is. Cheers!

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