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Double or Nothing Lingot Streak Bug

I noticed that the streak shown near the flame image on the right hand side of your home page was one higher than the one shown next to your wager. To test which one was being used to reward, and whether the doubling indeed works, I stopped using Duolingo for a day exactly after it showed 7 days on my home page. The Store showed one day less. And not surprisingly, I lost the wager. But why the discrepancy? I wonder if it is because, the day you choose to start the wager doesn't count. And your streak has to be a minimum of 8 days for one to win the wager. Any thoughts, someone, anyone ?

November 4, 2013



Maybe it counts days from the exact point in time when you start the wager?


Yeah, I am testing that too, as we speak, so to speak.


I'm starting to think that is the case. I've lost two wagers while assuming that it worked on calendar days. Now I'm going to do the same test dheeraj is doing and assume it is according to the exact start time.


Yes, I was surprised that I got a message that I lost my wager during the day, when that day was not over at all. I can usually play Duolingo at night at home, so even now I planned to play today's strike later today. I think this should be changed, and the count should be based on calendar days.


Or you should clarify better, that the days the game is counting is not calendar days, but 24 hours from the start...

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