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"Li rigardas la kolorojn de la domo."

Translation:He is looking at the colors of the house.

September 21, 2015



I think it says kolorajn even though it doesn't make any sense


I also thought it said kolorajn. I event put it as part of my answer and Duolingo said it was correct. Not understanding, I came to the comments hoping to find out why colors was kolorajn vice kolorojn. Does not appear that it should be correct. One slipped by the goalie, I guess.


You are right. As of Oct 11th 2020 it continues to say kolorAjn, not kolorOjn. I heard the sentence several times.


As I said six months ago, I think it's fine. I just played it for several of my family members and none of us noticed a problem. After I explained the problem, we found we could hear one or the other depending on what we were expecting.


The audio doesn't play for me. :/


I just report it as "the audio does not sound correctly." It is just annoying having two of these when trying to skip lessons.


what is the difference between vidi and rigardi?


Vidi - to see - to perceive with your eyes.
Rigardi - to look - to direct your visual attention somewhere.

[deactivated user]

    Just like others have said, it does sound like "kolorajn". Grammatically it has to be a noun so I thankfully put -ojn


    Shouldn't regards = looks at?


    Shouldn't "colors of the house" be accepted?


    Isn't it the defaiult answer?

    • "Li rigardas la kolorojn de la domo."
    • Translation:He is looking at the colors of the house.


    I put colors, but it says that I got it wrong because I didn't write "colours"


    This, almost certainly, is because you were shown an "also correct" answer based on what you entered. Unless you copy-paste your response and copy-paste the correction, there not a lot of meaningful commentary that can be made.


    How come here "to look at" is spelled "rigardi", but on the Esperanto curriculum in the Duolingo classroom, they list the word as "regardi"... which one is the right spelling?


    the Esperanto curriculum in the Duolingo classroom

    I don't know what that means. Can you post a link?

    In any event "rigardi" is correct. "Regardi" means "to guard again."

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