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"Til og med farmor kommer besøk."

Translation:Even Grandmother is coming to visit.

September 21, 2015



How is 'til og med' 'even'?


I think of it as 'up to and including'.


not that 'up to and including et cetera...' is marked as correct. :/


Some expressions are like that, a lot of words in one language and one short one in another, maybe not even remotely of the same origin. And while I'm at it, Farmor is strictly speaking not just a grandmother, she is the paternal grandmother (mother of the father). The maternal grandmother is mormor (mother mother...). The generic grandmother is bestemor (best mother).

Til og med ~ to and with, if you were to translate it word by word but that makes no sense at all. Even translates to "Til og med" in a standalone phrase. Not even grandmother... = Ikke engang bestemor. In mathematics even = partall.


Why is it not V2 «Til og med kommer farmor på besøk.»?


This is well past when you posted but 'til og med farmor' takes up the first "spot" so 'kommer' would come next (in the second spot).


farmor is translated to "grand"? I thought it will translate to grandmother or father's mother


Farmor is a term that doesn't have a clear equivalent in English, both your parent's mothers will both be a grandmother (the generic which in Norwegian is bestemor). So then we have to allow for all different forms of grandmother that exist (gran, granny, nan etc), and of course the literal father's mother and paternal grandmother. "Grand" is not on that list as far as I could tell.


Should/could 'Among others' and/or 'Up to and including' be accepted for 'Til og med'? The Swedes use the same expression 'till och med', and I believe they would accept these translations.


"Up to and including" would be a good translation in some contexts, but it doesn't sound natural for me here. "Among others" changes the meaning.


Could på besøk become å besøke?


My guess would be "kommer til å besøke", in that case.


Tot en met oma komt op bezoek! Haha

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