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  5. "De gir henne boken."

"De gir henne boken."

Translation:They are giving her the book.

September 21, 2015



When you click on gir to hear the audio you can hear the hard g, but in the sentence in sounds like yir. Is one of them wrong, or is it something to do with coming after a vowel?


It should be "yir" when meaning give, all tenses of the verb keep the yi-sound (in any dialect). When pronounced with a hard g it changes meaning to a noun with the exact same spelling: gir (neuter) = gear (as in machinery) (to change/shift gear - å gire).


Just a heads up, the audp for this makes gir henne impossible to hear without hitting the slow speed button. It is so fast i only heard it once after the 70th time prior to understanding it in turtle speed. Will flag just in case.


In Norway, does this have the same alternate meaning as it does in English --- giving someone who was convicted of a crime the maximum sentence?


Do you mean the idiom, 'They threw the book at him'?


Not to my knowledge.


A different question: Do you know of any place to learn nynorsk or should I just get a dictionary?

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