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"Sen ofiste çalışıyorsun, ben mutfakta çalışıyorum."

Translation:You are working at the office, I am working in the kitchen.

September 21, 2015



wht 'at the office' but 'IN the kitchen'?


This is hard to explain. As a native speaker, it's just one of the things we do. If you said working 'in the office' that would mean like a home office. Similarly, you would say 'I'm AT home' but 'I'm IN the bedroom.' So AT is like for a place, but IN is for a place within a place. Ex: "I'm at the store, in the bread aisle." In the end, IN is usually ok and doesn't make much if a difference.


This sounds like that never-ending arguement between a housewife and her husband who works in an office.


Why "the office" but "a kitchen"?

[deactivated user]

    It says ''the kitchen'' :)


    Thank you, Duo, for teaching me right English :) [I typed „at the kitchen“ — because it's the same case in Turkish — and got an error; I'll pay more attention]


    can we use (ve) or other word similar to while between the two sentences or its going to sound weird


    You totally can but it is required in Turkish :)


    is it required or not required, i do not understand it.


    Not required, I think (as we also see in the phrase). In fact the word „ve“ is a loanword, etc.


    "You are in the office working, I am in the kitchen working." Why is this wrong? I don't understand.


    Its bad english i think (I'm no native speaker as well) it should be: "I'm working in the kitchen" in the second part of the sentence


    I do not understand this either. I am a native speaker and it sounds fine to me. I reported it.


    What the different of at and in is?


    Who is struggling with in/at/on beside me?

    In the kitchen, at the office, on the roof. I have the skill to mix them all together XD

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