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  5. "She is reading a newspaper."

"She is reading a newspaper."

Translation:Hun leser en avis.

September 21, 2015



Why can't be "Hun leser et avis" using "et", or it could be and it's just an error?


The indefinite article changes depending on the gender of the noun. We use "en" for masculine nouns, "et" for neuter nouns, and "ei" for feminine nouns.

"Avis" can be inflected both as a masculine noun and as a feminine noun, but there is no neuter version of it.


Understand, thank you, but, if "en = masculine" and "ei = feminine" (even for objects) what mean "den" ? Can you explain ?


"den" (m/f) and "det" (n) have several uses.

They can function as third person singular impersonal pronouns, like "it" in English, as determiners, like "that" in English, and are also used with definite nouns when they're coupled with an adjective:

"Den blå bilen" = "The blue car".

"Det" also functions like a dummy/formal subject in sentences like this one:

"Det regner." = "It rains"

You're not expected to know all of this so early in the course, so don't worry if it seems a bit confusing. It'll fall into place eventually. :)


It's ok, helped a lot, thank you :)


Mine mispronounced avis. Hopefully they will fix soon


My grandfather used to say " den regner " He used den a lot more than det when he spoke from the old country. I think it's because he was hill people from way up north. LOL I really like this coarse !


How to pronounce AVIS?

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