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Speaking Exercises?

Are there speaking exercises in the Norwegian course? Cause if so I am not getting any of them. I am getting the listening exercises, but not the speaking ones.

September 21, 2015



I have speaking exercises in Norwegian (even where I need to translate the English sentence into Norwegian and speak - the only course I know where it is universally implemented is the Spanish course).

The speech exercise in Norwegian on Chrome even shows the correctly spoken words by marking them green and the wrong words red. Very nice!

I also have the speaking lessons in Norwegian, Portuguese and Turkish only on Chrome on Windows and Linux.


Nice, thank you!


I use both the app from my phone and the website from a computer, and I have speaking exercises in both. But only from the website I get the "translate from written English and speak German" (yes, I'm doing the German tree).


At some point it stopped giving me speaking exercises. I don't know if it's on purpose or not

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