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"The pictures are hanging on the wall."

Translation:Bildene henger på veggen.

September 22, 2015



I will never understand when to use en or et... (veggen / vegget)


All Norwegian nouns have a grammatical gender, and are declined accordingly.

en = indefinite article for masculine nouns.
ei = indefinite article for feminine* nouns.
et = indefinite article for neuter nouns.

*feminine nouns may be declined as if they were masculine, so they can take "en" in place of "ei".

Endings are also gender dependent.

The gender a noun is assigned is quite arbitrary, and will have to be memorised with each noun. It does not match up with biological gender, and the only rules that exists are for certain categories of loanwords.


There is nothing to "understand". You just have to know that every noun has a gender and learn it by heart, that's all.


yes and no, I for example know another nordic language and can hear/feel many of the gender/article in norsk... so you will start 'feeling' them after a while and in many cases. Just to eare your mind a little ;-)

bara mina två cents...


Bildene henger på muren. (?) 25May19


Mur is used for independent outdoor structures - think the Berlin Wall, or the walls that mark out farmers' fields in some countries. Typically made of bricks, stone, or concrete.

Vegg is used for the walls of a building, and can be any material.


My question exactly! I dont get it. Why bildene and not bildet. What's the difference?


Bildet is 'The picture' Bildene is 'The pictures'

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