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"Just's" "Even's"

So I was cruisin' along, eating some sauerkraut and practicing some German, when I type in a translation (which, by the way, was absolutely correct) and it quite unfeelingly ripped out one of my hearts. The reason it marked me as being incorrect was because I had written, "...is even swimming...", to which it gave an acceptable answer as, "...even's swimming..." This is not the first time a blatantly incorrect English translation was given in lieu of my absolutely correct Engish response: "...is just (insert any ol' verb here)..." --> "...just's (insert verb here)..." Now unless I have become too old to realize that a new grammatically acceptable contraction has been added to the English language, something that the kids all say while drinking their Zima beers and hoola hooping, I have never seen anything like this in my 27 years of speaking English ever being acceptable in the English language. I mean, seriously, for a site that is so inflexible for what is a correct translation, they should at least have grammatically correct solutions handy. I hate to be a grammar Nazi about this (ah HA, too soon?), but isn't there anyone to report errors like this to, so that these mistakes aren't lingering in an otherwise decent program?

January 4, 2013

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You can always report errors after you have answered a question. Just click the Report a Problem button at the bottom.

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