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Getting tested on words I have not been taught yet!

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When I finish a "Spanish Skill" such as "V. Past" and then do "Lesson practice", I get new words from the next skill (in this case "V. Pres. 3") that I have not learned yet!

Once I do start taking the lessons, then "Lesson practice" seems to keep testing me on only the same certain few old words over and over again and ignore other old words!

November 4, 2013

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I have a similar problem - I often "complete" a lesson but don't end up being taught or tested on all the words in a lesson. I only know this from using the mobile version, where you can view the words you are going to learn in each lesson (versus just a sample list of the overall skill that you see on the web version). Will these words then pop up later future so I can learn them, or will they forever be stuck in the lesson where they are supposed to be taught, so that I have to redo the lesson and hope I get that word?

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