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  5. "Otuz iki litre su var."

"Otuz iki litre su var."

Translation:There are thirty-two liters of water.

September 22, 2015



"There is 32 litres of water" (instead of "there are") sounds like an acceptable answer as well, no?


In some dialects, it is fine. It is considered grammatically incorrect though in terms of Standard English :) (I actually say this and my Turkish students would correct me, their American English teacher)


In this case 'is' sounds better as the body of water is one unit which happens to be 32L in volume.


In English most people wouldn't say there 'is' 33 liters of water. Liters is plural, so it should be 'are'. Using is here sounds slightly uneducated.


Yip, sounds totally natural to me (I am a native English speaker). I agree with Alex that it isn't standard. (It appears that they have taken the stance of being picky with English grammar in this course).


Totally off topic, but I find it weird that the US has their own spelling of litre / liter and metre / meter considering they don't even use the metric system (except in technical fields).


If I wanna say "He has 32 liters of water", will it be: "Onun otuz iki litre suyu var"?


Merhaba! Does anybody know why the sentence "Kirk iki tane köpek var." Uses TANE for "there are" but it doesnt seem necessary here? T


Because you are measuring the water with "litre".

"Tane" means basically "piece" and you can have individual dogs but not individual waters - what you can have is individual litres of water but then the litre is already the measurement word.


Liter in my device has got two "t" and Duo keeps correcting me but i can not do any thing .please leave it .


Sorry Duo .i corrected that. Thank you .


there are 32 liters water,, big red wrong ? why would that be?


there are 32 liters water,, big red wrong ? why would that be?

Because you need an "of" with measure words in English: "a lot OF water, 32 liters OF water, 2 kilograms OF rice, ...".

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