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  5. "De likte seg på museet."

"De likte seg museet."

Translation:They enjoyed themselves at the museum.

September 22, 2015



Are there different connotations (or perhaps different collocations) with "å trives" and "å like seg"? What is the difference between this sentence here and "De trivdes på museet"?


Trives means thrived. I've generally only really heard it used for asking about whether kids are enjoying school, or someone is enjoying work.


Ah, nå forstår jeg. Takk for forklaringen. :)


why is "they did enjoy the museum" not allowed while "they enjoyed the museum" is?


Strictly speaking, "they enjoyed the museum" would rather be De likte museet, eradicating the themselves/seg part. Which is not the same for a Norwegian.

But if we allow a translation that is not reflexive I agree with you that "they did enjoy the museum" should also be allowed. I'll check it out.

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I would appreciate a discussion of why museum turns into museet when the definite article is added. I don't recall such changes happening to other words.

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