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Can someone explain the strengthening XP?

I have seen many educators suggest that the number of xp awarded be dependant on the strength of the skill (for example, 9xp for a skill down at one bar, but 3xp for a skill missing only one bar).

Still, lessons done on the mobile app seem to be worth 10 points all the time, and on the computer, I have a difficult time understanding the pattern. Students report recieving 3xp for a strengthening lesson with a certain number of bars missing, but receiving the full 10xp for others, even when they are missing the same number of bars.

As my upper level students finish the tree, this set-up of receiving varying amounts of xp seems ideal because it would award more xp for strengthening lesser polished skills.

Again, can someone explain how it is determined how many xp will be awarded to a student for strengthening old skills? Thanks.

September 22, 2015



The first two skills I strengthened using the app today we're only worth 5 points. But then I did two more and they were worth 10 points each.


Hi Todd! The number of XP you earn depends on how weak the words are in the lesson. Lessons in which all the words are already at maximal strength will only give you 3 XP, and lessons in which all words are at minimal strength will give you 10 XP. I hope that helps clear things up a little.


It does, and I even remember writing a comment wishing for such a set-up, which is great that it exists. However, I am just confused as to why students comment to the contrary. Could there be bugs still?

Also, I know this is not the case on the mobile app. Are there plans in the works to reconcile the differences between the two?



It seems like on mobile devices we do it too, but we currently round the points to multiple of 5. Is that consistent with what they are reporting?


Well, I would imagine that when students use their mobile apps, (And I use both the web and app versions regularly too) they are strengthening skills with a variety of bars missing. However, I am not aware of any app lesson done by myself or others where less than 10xp was earned.

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