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2 spots left: Quakertown (PA) Esperanto course

Hey, we just had two people drop out last-minute, so you can still join our intensive course on Oct 5-9 in a beautiful chalet in Quakertown, PA! We're aiming for 8 students.

Since this is last minute, we're offering a $100 discount now. Also, if you're ready to share a double room with another student [of the same gender], you'll only pay $725 total instead of $950. This includes the course, all meals and lodging.

Learn more at https://intenseesperanto.wordpress.com/

September 22, 2015



Ĉesu ĵaluzigi min! Mi ne forlasu la bebon, mi ne forlasu la bebon...

I wish that I could. It sounds like an incredibly fun week. Ah, to be young and senrespondeca again! ;-)


Find a babysitter and come join us! ;)

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