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"The doctors do not know what to do for the child."

Translation:La kuracistoj ne scias kion fari por la infano.

September 22, 2015



Kio pri "Doktoroj?"

Mi lernis tiu el aliaj lecionoj.


A doktoro is one who has a doctor degree in something, could be anything from geology to rocket science. A kuracisto is the type of doctor that heals people.


In official medecin, all doctors (kuracistoj) has a doctor title (doktoro). For many people, all doctors they know are healing doctors.


What is the difference between scias and konas?


KONI = Havi ideon pri iu aŭ io = to have a general idia about somebody or something

SCII = Koni certe kaj precize = to know certainly and precisely

If you dont know and feel the the difference, use either of them

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