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Norwegian chat group

Hallo alle! I'm just writing to remind and encourage everyone to join our chat group on skype! It gives more benefits than you'd think! -We talk about many different subjects. -Everyday you get to know something new. -People at all age, no discrimination. -Every question is answered (We also have native speakers in the group, which helps a lot). -It doesn't matter what level you are on in your norwegian adventure. There's always someone to talk to. And if you don't feel comfortable with your norwegian, you can at least try as we say "norglish". It's a really friendly chat, I must say. I've been part of the skype chat group since the day one and I already feel better about my skills. Thanks to everyone out there. It's important to be surrounded by the language you want to learn, as much as possible. That's why we have this group. If you wish to be add to the group, either add me on skype, so I can proceed to add you to the group chat: montikrk (better way) Or write down your skype name in the comments section under this post. NOTE THAT before I can add you to the group chat, you still have to accept my invite to the contact list on skype. Ha en fin dag! (Sorry for messy text.. text formatting is not well known to duolingo I guess)

September 22, 2015



EDIT AGAIN: Skype updated its link functionality. Put this in your address bar:



Yea the second link in the search bar works. Just have to focus =D


Cool, 25 lingots for this post :o


This is an awesome idea! I would like to join you and will do so as soon as I feel like I could contribute more. My skype ID is adisa.ejubovic. Vi snakkes!


Feel free to jump in. We've had a lot of conversations in English as well lately =)


My Skype ID is anja.jahic. :) I want to join this group :)


Contact request has been sent a while ago.


how advanced are the chatters there? I am into Norwegian for a bit over three weeks this far and not sure that I am able to speak more Norwegian than English yet :) EDIT one more question - is it a voice chat or a "chat chat"? :)


People are at every level. You'll fit in just fine.

It's 95% just a "chat chat" :P


Hey. Totally don't have to worry about your level. Despite.. If you want to know a fun fact that is both encouraging and unmotivating.. we mostly speak English in that group.. although we do try =p. The chat is mainly written, but we try to make some random voice chats sometimes. Depends on how many people are up to that.


Hello all...I'd like to join the Skype chat. I'm new to Norwegian, and could use some practice. I'm the.mrssiebert on Skype. Takk.

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