"Today is Friday."

Translation:Hodiaŭ estas vendredo.

September 22, 2015



Ok. It's kind of sad, that suffixes don't apply to all words, but thank you.

September 22, 2015


So I can't say "Hodiaŭ vendredas" for "Today is friday". But why? Is there something special about day names?

September 22, 2015


You can't turn nouns into verbs in that way, only adjectives. If you do change nouns to verbs in that way they change meaning, or like in the case of vendredas doesn't mean anything at all.

La domo estas ruĝa = la domo ruĝas


Mi estas knabo ≠ mi knabas

Ĝi estas danco ≠ ĝi dancas

because ĝi dancas means "it dances", you see why this can't be done?

September 22, 2015


Might work in poetry:

"Mia ĵaŭda sabato vendredis dimanĉe / Forgeseco memoris blinde kaj tranĉe"

Sounds good to me … But avoid it in normal speech. In fact, turning any noun or adjective into a verb willy-nilly and expecting it to mean the same same as esti + word is something you should not do until you are properly fluent and know when that is generally done or not.

Until then, only use it for more or less fixed expressions that you see frequently used by experienced speakers.

August 23, 2018
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