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"The boy wants to take an orange."

Translation:Gutten vil ta en appelsin.

September 22, 2015



Hey, i didn't get when do you use å like vil å ta instead of vil ta?

It can be a silly question i guess :)


"å like vil å ta" is grammatically incorrect, so it would never be used.


I think it isn't about "å like vil å ta" but "å" like "vil å ta", so my question is why in this case is no "å" between "vil" and "ta".


Same reason there's not 'to' between 'can' and 'do' "I can do it", but one between 'want' and 'do' in "I want to do it" :)

'vil' is a modal verb in Norwegian, but 'want' isn't one in English.


But the example is "The boy wants to take an orange."

When do you need å and when don't you? Your example of "I can do it" isn't the example on the lesson.


How do you say "the boy will take an orange"?


it's the same as want to take. According to google translate. That's something I found weird, but someone more knowledgeable can correct me.

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